Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bear tank with Mastery

Bear tank do awesome dps cause we stack up crit for Mastery,but why a tank need so high crit?

So I figure a bear tank new mechanism

Bear tank new core passive spell
Feral Regeneration,instead of Savage Defense, all bleed damage you put on target will heal you the amount equal the bleed damage on target.
Feral Regenerationg benefit from Razor Claws (increase bleed dmg),so Feral spec only has one Mastery-Razor Claws.Bleed effect include Lacerate and Thrash.
And In bear form ,Bleed will tick per sec,down from per 3sec.

Another bear new spell
Ferocious Bite(bear):consume all bleed effect(up to 3 stacks) on target ,and heal you the amount equal all the bleed dmg instantly.

3stacks Lacerate is around 300 per tick per 3 sec in 4.0.3.In new Mmechanism,bear wil get rough 3k healing per 10 sec (3stacks Lacerate),and the new spell-Ferocious Bite(bear) will heal you about 4k5 instantly,they are a bit low ,but the amount will grow with Mastery.

Feral spec
Leader of the Pack, since crit is no longer bear core attribute , so in bear form all member in raid or group will reduce damage taken by 5%; in cat still is 5% crit.
Resto spec
Master Shapeshifter:Bear form reduce dmg taken by 4%

Mangle and Feral spec Mastery-Razor Claws
except cat , no other dps depend on bleed dmg heavily,so move mangle bleed dmg buff to Mastery-Razor Claws.and so we lost a acitve spell,but dont worry, just bring Claw (cat/bear<new>) back.Go further ,Claw merge Rake:direct dmg+bleed dmg;in bear Maul+Lacerate.

That made no sense at all.
Your helmet kind of makes you look like a goat. Just sayin...


Disentanglement Bugged.

Anyone else having this problem? I just did a BG as resto and found out i can't get out of snares when i shift into travel form, despite the fact that i can see disentanglement on the talent specialization screen.
Yes, it's all over the forums. It isn't just you, it's everyone. Hopefully this will get hotfixed asap. Until then, dispel.
Switched spec from main to secondary then back and Disentanglement works fine. If you logged in as resto try giving that a shot if you only have a single spec try a quick respec. Working fine for me against all classes/snares/roots :) hope this helps!!

Feral 4.0.6

I totally lol'd
LOL, after being in a "feral"(ha) rage since logging in today, this has to be the cutest, funniest, most awesomely true image of feral 4.0.6
This is so cute
moar plz!!!
The ironic thing is they haz made us into kittehs... no more are we ferocious cats...

OH sheet a mage!

*dies in frost nova*
Hahah, so true and fitting.
o well, we might as well have a laugh about it :3
up you go ;)
This made me laugh :D
Has anyone else had trouble against resto druids as feral?.... cuz if they spam roots an %%%# between heals its not like we really do much dps? i was wondering if anyone else was havin this problem?
I never had a problem against Resto, unless you count that time where Restos had 3 mana bars and so much mana regen that Hots kept them alive forever...
Thats quite good :)

Bear Trinkets!

Okay, so. I recently got exalted with Baradin's Wardens, and was wondering which trinket would be best to pick up. I'm currently tanking with Fluid Death and the Stamina Lifebound Alchemist Stone. It's between the Mirror of Broken Images and the Unsolvable Riddle, for me. I just can't really decide which to use. The Mirror seems very situational. I could see it being good for Cho'gall, maybe, if it works on the Flame's Orders. I could see it being really useful on Ascendant Council, Tron Defense System, and maybe Throne of the Four Winds.

On the other hand, the Riddle is not as situational, and since I'm asked to dps for Valiona, Atramedes, and Magmaw, the Riddle would also be a pretty nice upgrade in that department.

Any advice would be pretty helpful, thanks in advance.
Tia's Grace Is better than the riddle or the mirror, I have Left eye of rajh, Leaden Despair, Tia's grace and Unsolvable riddle + Fluid death very soon and out of those 5 the Riddle comes 5th.

Are boomkins decent in PvP now?

I've come across a lot lately. Some even top in battlegrounds.

I'm wondering because I want to know if Boomkins are finally decent in PvP.

Thanks in advance!
Only if the other team doesn't have a warrior or a rogue or any melee class.
Otherwise if they don't have a warlock or mage or a spriest or a caster.
Then if they don't have a healer or aren't a double dps then you will be fine!

ALSO, never go against a warrior, don't even look at him!
Bliz has designed the game such that if a warrior hits you you will immediately blow the F# up. Enjoy!!!
No they are not. I wish I could find the person who is representing the moonkin community and wake him the F$#@ up, this is complete BS. I'm really getting pissed off everytime I log in now.
You don't like being a punching bag?

The best strategy is to work with a class that is OP so they can make up for your deficiency.
I've come across a lot lately. Some even top in battlegrounds.

I'm wondering because I want to know if Boomkins are finally decent in PvP.

Thanks in advance!


Yeah um, no, they aren't.

Balance druids are the worst pvp spec in the game. For ANY class they are a free easy kill. trust me, I have a character of every class at 80+, most 85.

Blizzard's nerfs to ferals and resto never seem to take into consideration their effects on balance druids. It's really sloppy.

Balance druids are a free kill. The stupid retardkin form only makes this situation worse since EVERYONE will target you for an easy kill.
cast times are to long compared to other casters, and not enough defense to even attempt to fend off melee.

but if you can manage to be ignored and build up your things then you can nuke some stuff,
but only if you don't get noticed.

Enchants/Gems for Restoration PvP.

Quick question, do I go with Power Torrent on the wep, while going for haste, and some spirit.

Heartsong, reforge to spirit, and with minimal haste.

Thanks for the help!
Power Torrent.
Spirit pieces reforged to haste rating.
yellow sockets = resilliance
red sockets = spell power resiliance
blue sockets = spell power / spell pen (if capped spell power / spirit)

get heartsong the spirit is better

5% hit
175+ spell pen or some stupid number

go chest / shoulders / gloves resto -- helm legs balance
I agree with heartsong. It gives regen which is amazing, and if power torrent isn't up during burst....ohwell.

For this season you need to stack resil. Get full resil gems and then resil/int and int/spirit or resil/spirit for yellows and blues, as long as it's worth it. If you find that your partner dies all the time and you are never focused, and when you do you have no issues keeping yourself up, you can switch to gemming for more int.

Get the spell pen epic cloak first, as it caps you wonderfully. 40 more spell pen can be nice against mages, so look into that.

Spec BoP from the balance tree for the hit. It's not worth gimping your spirit to try and get hit pieces for bashes, or to save the talent point.

Lastly I do believe that the pieces Bigex pointed out are right. you want the haste/spirit and mastery/spirit balance pieces, especially in places where the kodohide has crit :(
"Fenrisulvr from Wowhead"

Power Torrent, timed Innervate:
115 MP5 (66 MP5 for you + 49 MP5 for another healer)
137 SP (average)
0.21% crit (average)
(Add another 5 MP5 for every point in Furor)

Power Torrent, untimed Innervate:
58.5 MP5 (47 MP5 for you + 11.5 MP5 for another healer)
137 SP (average)
0.21% crit (average)
(Add another 2.2 MP5 for every point in Furor)

70 MP5

I'd say that even at this worst case scenario, Power Torrent beats Heartsong for resto druids.

Wait what? Random wowhead math from when?

Also how is there mana for another healer? I don't get that at all...

Plus the "average" is total BS. The only thing that matters is when it's up. If I get bored before someone else does I'll run the numbers, but that heartsong number doesn't sound 100% either.
b/c you're always able to get your full innervate off while power torrent is up. nobody would purge / dispell / devour magic / spell steal / cyclone / tranq shot it off

Made another druid...

Title says it all. I couldn't decide on which class I should make my alt and in the end, I decided I loved the class enough to make a second druid...
Here the druid in question. Next patch may yet make me have some regrets, but heck one can hope and have fun in the meantime.
<<< Is the proud owner of 6 druids. 3 of which are level 85 and all of which are feral.
I have 10 :)
I'm afraid of what Blizzard could think after reading this thread.

"Damn, he has 10 druids! That means that the class is too broad in roles. Its preventing people from rolling mages, warriors and rogues. Lets nerf it. Now druids are either Resto or Cat."

We gotta be careful about what we say in here. ;) lol